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If you’ve ever painted with watercolors, you know it’s a very different process from working with acrylics or oil paints and results in unique images you can’t create with other media. Achieving a perfectly layered watercolor image takes time, skill and dedication.

There’s something intimate about a watercolor image that comes from knowing that every piece of the image’s composition, every saturation point and each color overlay, was chosen to create the intricate mood you feel when you look at the image. That’s why watercolor logos are a great way to communicate attention to detail. If your goal is to show that a personal touch went into crafting your products, a watercolor logo can be a great choice to do so.

Brands that want to portray a soft, soothing persona are the perfect fit for using watercolor logos. Watercolor logos represent a gentle touch, which makes them ideal for companies that work in floral design, fashion, jewelry design and products targeted towards women—but they can be so much more. Take a look at some of the ways brands in a wide range of industries use watercolors to showcase their uniquely curated personalities. A watercolor logo can be a lot of things, but you won’t find a generic-looking one on our list!

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Watercolors often feel feminine

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about watercolor logos is that a lot of them are aimed toward female consumers. 

 It could be the softness of watercolor images or because many consider water to be a feminine element.

It could also be a throwback to 19th century sensibilities.

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